Founder - Sky

Hi my name is Sky & I am from Los Angeles, California. I am an eternal student of life. I created The Arcanaeum back in April of 2017 by gathering all of the most important information that I felt people needed to know, all under one roof. I feel that the work of others is very important, as we are all one being experiencing itself. We are all facets of the ALL. This experience is about WE not me. I mainly established this site as a means to direct people to information without exhausting my energy any time I would get asked a question. I am constantly learning more daily and I will indefinitely continue to do so. Take what resonates and apply it into your life.

My life’s mission is to learn. I love the journey of discovery and mastery. I enjoy seeing myself reflected everywhere.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

I offer 1-on-1 consultations on a conditional basis. Feel free to email me for any questions.